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Ramona Costenco

Founder and Manager

Number of enrolled children increased from 256 to 394, 50% growth in revenue in only 1 year

Kinderpedia is the end-to-end solution for my kindergarten. It helps me to efficiently manage communication with parents, our teaching staff, all our educational resources, invoices and several other administrative documents.

Since I work online, I can access all our information wherever I want. I use the app either from my laptop, or my mobile devices like a tablet or a phone.

Mădălina Gîdiuță

Founder and Manager

Shortly after implementing Kinderpedia, we stopped using the surveillance cameras, avoided overwhelming amounts of calls from parents over the day and closed all WhatsApp parents’ groups

Education with love is education with confidence. Using Kinderpedia, we managed to install a transparent and healthy communication climate!

Once the child starts kindergarten, parents feel the need to constantly be informed about every detail in their child’s day-to-day activities, their experiences, their appetite, and much more. This need of parents is extremely strong, because the separation occurs for a significant part of the day.

When we discovered Kinderpedia, here, at Butterfly, we managed to respond to this communication need transparently, in real time. Kinderpedia is a valuable tool for us and we use it every day so that managers and teachers stay in touch with parents.

We launched the Butterfly project in the spring of 2006 with the desire to offer high quality education both to pre-school and gymnasium levels. We started out with a kindergarten, but the growth rate was intense, and from 2008 until 2012 we opened a total of five Butterfly headquarters, one of the fastest growing ascendants in the educational field. Butterfly was accredited for preschool in 2012 and has three locations where we are teaching children between 1 year and 8 months and 6 years. Currently we have 60 employees and collaborating teachers and about 250 enrolled children.

We have become a brand strongly promoted by a team that manages ever-increasing educational projects, but today Butterfly is a special place because we have not forgotten the values from which we started and we have never dropped the quality standard which we have imposed on ourselves: we offer quality education, with love.

Ștefania Voicu

Founder and Manager

Reduced debt age from 60 to 6 days in less than 6 months and cut the bookkeeping cost to 50% NEXT month after implementing Kinderpedia billing module

We’re a Montessori kindergarten, we offer educational programs for children starting 1 year until 6 years of age; so for the first lane of development. We have right now three 3 to 6 Montessori classrooms and three 1 to 3 Montessori classrooms. We work with over 13 teachers 7 Montessori educators. Our programs right now serve over 90 students.

What were you doing before we engaged? What problem were you trying to solve?
Before Kinderpedia I was spending a lot of time doing paperwork, doing administrative work that was steeling precious time of what was important to me, the programs for the children; the Montessori program.
Where did you first hear about us? What piqued your interest?
I was looking for something that could help me organize better and gain more time, time that was necessary for me think about strategic moves in the education department. And loosing a lot of time with the paper work and administrative work. I started to look for something that could help. I found out about Kinderpedia unintentionally on Facebook. Immediately I was interested to see what it’s all about, and that started our collaboration.
Why did you decide to do business with us? Why did you decide to pull the trigger?
We booked a presentation. I had little expectations because although I had a lot of means I didn’t think that I could find something that customized to my needs but I was surprised because Kinderpedia showed us that it offers much more than expected. IT was easy to use, it was diverse, it was responding to three important needs that we had; the administrative department, the communication with the family and the educational department. We use this application for all off our internal needs.
Describe working with us. In what area did you get the most value?
It’s easy to work with Kinderpedia. It’s easy to work with the application, and it’s easy to work with the staff. That was really amazing for us. The fact that the team is so open to understand our business, to understand our needs, and to come with specific approaches to hat we are looking for. That made us very interested in going forward with the collaboration.
What results did you achieve from working with us? How would you describe working with us?
Using it over time showed us that our internal activities, our daily work is much more easy and much more fun to do because it allows us to be in contact with the family really easy, it allows us to comm with each other in a very easy way.
What was your ROI from working with us?
One important module that we use heavily in Kinderpedia is the invoicing module. For us it was rally hard over the time to centralize all the information in this department. Because the invoicing module is so easy to use but so complex at the same time, that allowed us to optimize our revenues. It allowed us to have more transparency in the relationship with the client.
What is the cost of Kinderpedia?
For us Kinderpedia is free. It’s free because using it, we gain a lot of time, we gained a lot of joy because of the happy families we have. So I don’t think we are seeing Kinderpedia as something to spend money on. It’s something that allows you to gain more. Because of the multidimensional benefits that Kinderpedia brings to our organization, I feel it pays for itself. We pay a small price for the application, but we gain so much more in return.
How likely are you to recommend us?
I recommend Kinderpedia to all Montessori kindergartens because I feel it is a necessary tool that helps us stay focussed on what really matters. And that’s the children.

Oana Moraru

Founder and Manager

I strongly recommend Kinderpedia, because it allows parents and educators to track the progress of the child based on concrete data and facts, not on surveillance cameras

During conferences across the country, parents and teachers ask me how they can maintain a closer relationship between the family and nursery. I strongly recommend Kinderpedia, an online application on my phone, in real time, where I can receive information from my child's teacher about her day-to-day education, about her well-being, school progress, I can see pictures, check whether she has been eating, sleeping well etc.
Teachers can organize themselves better and with that have more time for the children, parents are permanently informed, and, at the end of the year, they have a story of images and ideas about the child's progress and what a year in kindergarten meant for them.

Oana Moraru is an educational counsellor, the founder of Helikon School and the Voice of Parents platform, and teacher of Romanian and English language. She has 20 years of experience in private education and has supported dozens of schools and kindergartens in the licensing and accreditation process since 2000. She has formed and advised teams of teachers and educators, elaborated educational offers, alternative programs and systems of monitoring school progress.
Together with her team, Oana provided support in the preparation of documentation to trigger the evaluation procedure for authorisation or accreditation of pre-university private units, the training of teaching staff and practical advice on the whole school activity in general.
In 2016, Oana Moraru was a member of a group of curriculum experts formed by the then minister of Education, Adrian Curaj.

Marie Grothe

Kindergarten Manager

We acquired Kinderpedia on the next day after the presentation and our team is 100% satisfied with it. We strongly believe that digitizing early childhood education is part of moving forward!

I recently found out about the Kinderpedia app and I like it a lot. We will use this for our team. I believe that it is saving a lot of time - for the kids, essentially. Yeah, we will definitely try this, because we are living in the 21st century and we wish to go forward.

Anca Mitulescu

Founder and Manager

51% increase of the enrollment rate in 5 months

Beautiful Minds Educational Center aims to create a child friendly environment that focuses on developing imagination through creative activities and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The Kindergarten currently has 56 children enrolled.

I have always been a solution-oriented person that aimed for continuous improvement of the kindergarten processes. At the recommendation of a parent, I discovered Kinderpedia, an online platform with dedicated mobile application for educators and managers, as well as for parents, which gave me the means to streamline both the planning, kindergarten management and communication with parents.

Using Kinderpedia, I have all our resources in one place, I can access them from anywhere and I am always up to date with everything that happens in the kindergarten. My everyday work is handled more effectively and I have the opportunity to focus on those aspects that bring value to our work and strengthen our image and reputation in front of parents and on the market. Educators also work with more ease because most of their routine activities that used to consume time and energy are now systematized in the platform - attendance, timetable, daily menu, events, daily report to parents etc. Facilitating their work, Kinderpedia allows them to channel their enthusiasm to education, which is, in fact, our mission.

Beautiful Minds - Increase of the Enrollment rate | amCharts

A great advantage from using Kinderpedia has been seen shortly after implementation in the relationship with parents. By giving them access to information about the child through a simple and friendly interface, we have relieved our parents of the worries and permanent questions about the well-being of the little ones over the day. Because the information is so clear and intuitive, it has considerably diminished discussions with educators on routine issues. After implementing Kinderpedia, I managed to quit the Facebook and WhatsApp groups, and now we are enjoying transparent communication with parents and a fluid internal organization. Last but not least, the orientation towards the educational act, the efficient organization and the trust of our parents allowed us to increase our kindergarten’s capacity by 51% over the past 5 months.

I believe that quality education should not be an option but a certainty. That's why I recommend Kinderpedia to all kindergartens looking for new ways of improving their activity and improving their results.

Andrei Berbec

Founder and Manager

Imagine saving a day every single week with Kinderpedia - a must have tool which gives me clear evidence of the attendance, the academic evolution of the children, and the payments processes and status.

We realized that all the update sheets we gave parents about the daily activity of the children were ending up somewhere in the trash or forgotten in the car. In addition to daily forms, we also used to communicate by WhatsApp and e-mail. The information was not centralized, and I, as a manager, could not track it. I soon understood that it would be easier for our information to be based on an electronic solution, safely stored in the cloud and fitted on any portable device, to be available in real time; both to the parent and to the kindergarten staff, at any time.

For more than two years, since we use Kinderpedia, educators fill in the information with ease and pleasure, because the interface allows them to add data for the whole group at the same time instead of having to talk to only 2 or 3 parents by phone. Equally, the time saved has been allocated to educational activities and which allowed us to further improved the quality of our services.

From an administrative point of view, Kinderpedia is an essential tool because it gives me clear evidence of the attendance, the academic evolution of the children, and the payments status. From a relational perspective, real-time communication has brought considerable benefits in increasing the quality of services offered. With Kinderpedia, parents often access daily menus, daily reports, notifications, and events. They are now better informed and are able to carry out their day-to-day activities without doubt about the well being of their children. They no longer have to wait until the end of the day for a summary of the activity of the kids, because they get notifications on the app whenever the teacher uploads something. They also do not have to scramble for information on mail, WhatsApp or groups on social channels, because everything they need to know is rigorously organized in one place and is available to them at any time, at their fingertips.

I strongly recommend Kinderpedia to any kindergarten or school that wants to create a strong name, synonymous with quality and innovation in education.

Loredan Zoican

Founder and Manager

100% parents’ satisfaction and excellent enrollment rate encouraged us to open a new nursery location with 50 places that now operates at full capacity

We have discovered Kinderpedia on a conference and consider it a valuable resource for both our parents and our teaching staff.

The Kinderpedia modules most frequently used by parents are the daily reports and multimedia. These, along with the daily schedule and observations provided by educators on various activities, allow them to stay connected with their children even during the day, access information easily and respond promptly when they are asked. Educators simplify their activity with the nutrition and events modules and I, as a manager, easily use the billing and financial management function as well as personalized reports. Our kindergarten enjoys trust and prestige, educators work more efficiently, and I always have an overview of what's going on in the kindergarten, nursery and afterschool, over the day.

I think that, in the relationship with children and parents, communication is the most important. We are convinced that the responsibility for a good and balanced education lies both with the school and the family. Lack of communication from one direction or another will negatively affect the evolution of children. Experience has shown that both school results and behaviour become better when the family collaborates directly with classroom teachers, receives and conveys information and suggestions, is actively involved in the academic and social development of the child.

Little Team THE COLLEGE childcare has over 200 enrolled children and has been using Kinderpedia since 2017. Both educators and parents have experienced the benefits of prompt, rigorous communication almost immediately and I am enjoying the value of Kinderpedia as support in administrative tasks, as well as in the financial-accounting sector.

Get the full benefits of Kinderpedia
in less than 90 days after implementation
or Money Back Guarantee

Save Time

You will be able to reduce administrative time by 6-9 hours/ week for your staff members, by moving daily activities in cloud and enjoying the perks of digitalisation.

Simplify management

Using Kinderpedia will be like having one extra team member who is smart, effective, prompt and trustworthy.

Engage with families

Communication with parents will be transparent, in real time, through a secure and easy to use platform & app.

Get more money in the bank

Your cash flow will improve significantly, as Kinderpedia issues invoices automatically and sends electronic reminders to parents about their outstanding debt.

Grow employee satisfaction & retention

Teachers work more efficient. They feel motivated and show more initiative.

Boost your school’s reputation

Reduce your cost of attracting new clients and make parents your partners and promoters.

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Financial Management

School managers can create and send professional invoices and billing plans, track payments and deposits, analyze debt age and family balance, collect penalties and generate custom reports.

Parents receive the invoices in the app, shortening payment cycles and giving management a constant overview about cash-flow situation. Works with Braintree ACH Direct Debit, PayPal, credit cards, checks or cash.

Share moments digitally and get
100% satisfied parents

By logging in to their children’s customized profiles, parents enjoy countless interactive facilities in a private and secure environment.
  • Daily Updates and Reporting
  • Secure and Private Mltimedia Gallery
  • Personalized News Feed with Filtering
  • Quick Messages for Instant communication
  • Events Calendar with RSVP

Run reports quickly
and reduce paperwork

Managers are able to access and generate reports on the full teachers activity log, children attendance and daily stats, financial data, yearly statements and more.

Reduce paperwork by storing everything related to children and families in one secure place.

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